In your daily life, are you exposed to the sun? Use computers?

This is how we do it… Making a Lens 101.

Frame and lenses ready to be edged
Start with a couple of lens blanks and a frame.

Start with a couple of lens blanks and a frame. Making a lens blank with the correct prescription can take 2-14 days depending on the materials used, special coating and power of the prescription. If the prescription of the lens blank is incorrect or there is a tiny, tiny, scratch…. WE START ALL OVER.

Make sure the right lens goes in the the correct side of the frame.

Make sure the right lens goes in the the correct side of the frame. Reversing the lenses is a BIG, BIG, no-no. Block the lens correctly, or…. WE START ALL OVER.

Tracing a lens prior to edging
Trace the frame to get a pattern of the lens shape.

Trace the frame to get a pattern of the lens shape. If we get a bad trace the lens shape will not fit into the frame. Bad frame = Bad trace = WE START ALL OVER.

Photo of Santinelli edger screen
Plug in all the correct settings to match the prescription

Once the frame is traced, plug in all the correct settings to match the prescription. The distance between the two eyes and the height of the lens placement , how much curve is on the lens will dictate the placement of the lens bevel. All settings must be made correctly at this stage; any error in the calculations… WE START ALL OVER from the beginning.

Lens chucked into a Santinelli edger.
Chuck the lens.

Now we chuck the lens and cross our fingers for a good cut. What can happen? Mechanical failure, cracked/shattered lens, lens can slip while cutting, the lens is cut too small … any error here… WE START ALL OVER.

Taking a eyeglass frame apart.
Disassemble the frame

Start to disassemble the frame so we can insert the finished lens. Don’t lose those little screws. I have spent too much time crawling on the floor looking for a tiny screw. For some unknown reason screws have the capability of jumping many feet.  Imperfections in the frame need to be corrected here… sometimes its easy to take a frame apart but, very hard to reassemble.

Aww shucks… came out a little big. Seems to be a little too big to fit in the frame. We must reinsert the lens into the edger and re-size the lens a little smaller in 0.5mm steps. If we get too aggressive and size the lens too small… Guess what? WE START ALL OVER from the beginning.. Yippee… after a little bit of resizing the lens fits perfect.

Hand edging a lens

The lens needs to be touched up by hand to have that perfect fit and finish. Almost done… can’t screw up here. Otherwise, WE START ALL OVER..


Wrestle with the frame and reinsert the tiny screw. OH YEAH! Don’t scratch that lens with the screw driver. Scratch the lens then we get to … START ALL OVER.


Check to be sure the prescription is correct
Check to be sure the prescription is correct

Check to be sure the prescription is correct and all landmarks are perfect. If the power is incorrect or the lens rotated while it was cut…. we can’t accept the lens and …WE START ALL OVER.

Hopefully, everything goes smooth (Murphy’s Law) and you are ALL PAU.

How to Protect Your Eyes From the Negative Effects of Blue Light

Today’s gadgets and devices are placing demands on your eyes that they are not equipped to handle naturally. Our society seeks efficiency and convenience, yet the very devices that bring those benefits have a downside, especially eye fatigue. By reducing the amount of blue light that enters the eye, you will  increase your comfort level and reduce eye fatigue, headaches, blurred vision and other related chronic discomfort.

Hoya Recharge anti-reflective treatment reduces blue light emitted by electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, TVs and even energy efficient light bulbs by 10 percent compared to conventional anti-reflective treated lenses. (some blue light is important and therefore it is not necessary or desirable to block it all)

Hoya Recharge Anti Reflective Lens treatment is ideal for long lasting eye energy while using eyeryday devices.

Here is what you need to know:

  • School text books are rapidly moving to tablets
  • 72.5% of adults are unaware of the potential dangers of blue light to the eyes
  • 61% of adults experience eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices
  • 2 in 5 Millennials spends at least 9 hours per day on digital devices.

Benefits of Recharge Treatment

  • Blocks up to 10% of harmful blue light waves emitted by electronic devices.
  • Helps alleviate;e eyestrain, headaches, fatigue and blurred vision
  • Can help improve sleep patterns
  • Eliminates reflections, repels dirt and dust, and provides superior scratch resistance.

Anti-Reflective Lenses

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Anti-reflective eyeglass lenses have a glare coating that is applied directly over the lens.  It may be applied to any prescription lens and offers several benefits.  Among them, they allow you to see better and to look better.

The Clear Benefits of Anti-Reflective Lenses

Distracting reflections and glare can rob your eyes of up to 14% of available light. Anti-Reflective lenses allow virtually all the available lightto pass through your lenses for sharper, clearer, more comfortable vision. By reducing oncoming glare, anti-reflective lenses allow you to see more clearly at night, especially when driving. Recent tests prove that patients are able to see more clearly with Anti-Reflective lenses,especially at night.

Reduce Eye Strain

Spending long hours at a computer screen, whether at work or play, can dramatically contribute to eye fatigue. In the office where fluorescent light and computer monitors are especially troublesome, the lenses also help to eliminate annoying reflections thereby reducing eye strain and providing sharper, clearer, and more comfortable vision.

Let People See Less Lens And More Of You

Now you can eliminate annoying reflections on the surface of your lenses. Anti-Reflective lenses allow you to see better and look better,while enhancing your ability to communicate with others. The new generation of Anti-Reflection lenses are easier to clean than ever before.

Learn more here  AR_seelookbetter (pdf).