An annual eye exam is a great way for your eye doctor to get a picture of your vision eye health and find ways to improve it.  We can help you to see better and manage your overall wellness for the future. Diabetes, hypertension and many other conditions may have an effect on your vision or on the health of your eyes. An annual eye exam is the best way to manage these risks, so schedule your eye exam today.

Each Photograph of a phoropter. An instrument used in eye examinations.eye exam in our office lasts between 30 minutes and one hour and typically includes a dilated retinal exam. At the beginning of each examination, a staff member will conduct some brief testing that provides our doctors with vital information about your health and eyes. The doctors will begin each eye exam by gathering information from you about your current prescription and past vision history. Any specific visual needs you have will likely be discussed at this time.

Each eye exam is comprised of two basic elements – the refraction and ocular health assessment. “Which one is better?” The refraction is the part of the eye examination that patients are most familiar with. It involves a sequence of choices (“one or two”) that ultimately leads to the determination of your eyeglass prescription.

As important as your vision is to your everyday life, the ocular health exam is a crucial element of the eye examination. Whenever possible, our eye doctors will perform a dilated retinal exam every year to rule out such conditions as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Please remember to bring your sunglasses with you to your appointment.

Upon conclusion of your eye exam, the doctors will discuss with you all of the findings and provide you with the best options that will suit your visual needs.