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Vintage Bausch & Lomb: B&L5024


Before Ray Bans, they were Bausch and Lombs.ย  Here is an example of a classic pair of Ray Ban Wayfarersย  B&L 5024’s.ย ย  Stamped B&L glass lenses, riveted hinges and the black cat eyes are true American classics.

Old Raybans that were originally made by Bausch & Lomb are a classic piece of Americana.ย  This sunglass was manufactured in the USA and has glass B&L G-15 lenses. ย  This design has been around since the 50โ€ฒs and will likely be around for a number of years.ย  Who hasnโ€™t seen a Wayfarer?

  • Mfg: B&L Rayban -USA
  • Name: 5024 โ€“ Wayfarer
  • Style: UNISEX
  • Circa: 1980โ€ฒs
  • Frame material:ย  Acetate
  • Temples material: Acetate
  • Frame color: BLACK
  • Lens color:ย  G-15 (Glass